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How to write documentation comments

Note: For up-to-date information see the VBDOX Document Manager on sourceforge.net

Since version (0.0.20) the program supports three types of comments:

The different parser can be selected after the sources are processed. An Options dialog is shown and asks for selection the report manager to be used and parser for documentation comments. All combinations are possible and one used is depending on the type of the comments that you are using.

Note: The first documentation comment is considered module documentation comment. If it's missing the first found is used instead. Sometimes the documentation of the first method in the file can be missing.

It's possible to write external documentation comment parser and define your own comment style.

Command line parameters

Applies to version 1.1.x and later.

vbdox [switches] filename

where switches can be one of the following:

  • -o directory - Output directory. If it's not an absolute path then the program tries to create a sub-directory with the specified name.
    If not specified the last selected in options dialog is used. The specified directory is stored in the cofiguration file.
  • -rm report_manager_progid - The name of the report manager to use.
    If not specified the last selected in the options dialog is used.
  • -dp doc_parser_progid - The name of the documentation comment parser to use.
    If not specified the last selected in the options dialog is used.
  • -q or -quiet - (Version 1.3 or later) Do not show errors message box.


vbdox -o vbdox -rm VBDOXEXT.clsReportManagerEx -dp VBDOXEXT.clsDocParser sample\VBDOM.vbp

It's not so easy to make console application in Visual Basic. Because of that the program only receives the command line and shows all messages and errors in message boxes.

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