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VBDOX - Visual Basic Documentation Generator


VBDOX is a simple program that generates technical documentation from source comments. The only requirement is to use specific module and function comments format. Documentation is generated for all types Visual Basic files and also for VBScript and ASP (limited support)

The program can be extended to support different documentation comments and reports. Right now the program has three report generators: single file, XML and MSDN Platform SDK style. The report appearance can be edited by changing either the style sheets or the report files. Number of documentation comment parser is supplied at the moment.

Can be extended to support non-Basic formats (e.g. ABB RAPID Source Files)

Inegrated spell check allowing custom dictionaries.

It is written in Visual Basic 6 and has minimal dependences. The installation is simple as extracting the files from the downloaded zip file. The un-installation is done by first selecting Unregister components from Tools menu and deleting the created directory structure.

Version 2.0 has also BETA support for VB.NET and C#.

Visit the project home page on sourceforge.net.


  • Automatic Visual Basic, ASP and VBScript API documentation generation;
  • MS Platform SDK style documentation;
  • Automatic generation of MS HTML Help Workshop project, contents and index files;
  • Extensible report and documentation styles;
  • XML and RTF reports;
  • Spell check (custom dictionaries).

Supported File Formats

  • Visual Basic Project Files (*.vbp)
  • Visual Basic Group Files (*.vbg)
  • Visual Basic Module Files (*.frm,*.bas,*.cls,*.ctl)
  • VBScript Files (*.vbs)
  • Active Server Pages Files (*.asp,*.asa)
  • Visual Studio Macro Files (*.dsm)
  • Visual Basic .NET Project Files (*.vbproj)
  • Visual Basic Source Files (*.vb)
  • Visual Studio Solution Files (*.sln)
  • Visual InterDev Project Files (*.vip)
  • C# Project Files (*.csproj)
  • C# Source Files (*.cs)
  • ABB RAPID Source Files (*.mod;*.sys)

Projects Using VBDOX

vb-zoom - Class library for doing MARC-8 to Unicode translations by The University of Illinois
vbmsglib - Free Message Library by Craig Rindy
crloglib - Free Log Library by Craig Rindy
crgenlib - Free General Library by Craig Rindy


For requests or comments please write to: michael.stamenov@web.de (Who am I).

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